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    SubjectRe: + kmod-avoid-deadlock-by-recursive-kmod-call.patch added to-mm tree
    Oleg Nesterov wrote:
    > What do you think about s/khelper/system/ instead of this patch?

    I'm not catching up with this topic. But I'm fine with any solution provided
    that it can handle

    some kernel function calls request_module()

    request_module() triggers call_usermodehelper("/sbin/modprobe", UMH_WAIT_PROC)

    /sbin/modprobe loads a kernel module

    loading a kernel module triggers kobject_uevent_env()

    kobject_uevent_env() calls call_usermodehelper("/sbin/hotplug", UMH_WAIT_EXEC)

    do_execve("/sbin/hotplug") calls request_module("binfmt-0000")

    request_module("binfmt-0000") triggers call_usermodehelper("/sbin/modprobe", UMH_WAIT_PROC)

    /sbin/modprobe fails to load binfmt-0000 module

    call trace on an UP machine.

    kmod-avoid-deadlock-by-recursive-kmod-call.patch is for avoiding
    call_usermodehelper("/sbin/modprobe", UMH_WAIT_PROC) called from
    call_usermodehelper("/sbin/hotplug", UMH_WAIT_EXEC).

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