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SubjectRe: Linux 3.3-rc5
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> I also think that your explanation is wrong. The problem is not the
> use of _IOR() at all, the problem is that the data structure given
> *to* the _IOR() macro is complete grabage. For example:
> #define I8K_GET_SPEED _IOWR('i', 0x85, size_t)

Originally the garbage looked like this:

#define I8K_BIOS_VERSION _IOR ('i', 0x80, 4)
#define I8K_MACHINE_ID _IOR ('i', 0x81, 16)
#define I8K_POWER_STATUS _IOR ('i', 0x82, sizeof(int))
#define I8K_FN_STATUS _IOR ('i', 0x83, sizeof(int))
#define I8K_GET_TEMP _IOR ('i', 0x84, sizeof(int))
#define I8K_GET_SPEED _IOWR('i', 0x85, sizeof(int))
#define I8K_GET_FAN _IOWR('i', 0x86, sizeof(int))
#define I8K_SET_FAN _IOWR('i', 0x87, sizeof(int)*2)

Later they were modified by "[PATCH] use size_t for the broken ioctl
numbers" and "Fix more ioctl _IOR/_IOW misusage." (see tglx's history


Andreas Schwab,
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