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SubjectRe: Can we move device drivers into user-space?
> > Given the choice, I would be quite happy to piss off some robots. Call
> > it a prejudice if you like ;).
> You can't control how people use an interface. You will note that there
> are no stupid users of the UIO interface in the kernel today, we can't
> control what people do in the privacy of their own companies/homes,
> despite numerous governments trying to do so in the past.
> So yes, people will always do stupid, foolish things. And they were
> doing them before UIO came along, now they just have the chance to at
> least do those foolish things in a way that interfaces with the kernel
> in a semi-sane manner, not messing anything else in the kernel up.

So the question is; can the uio example be repeated in other areas, to
bring more kernel power to userspace?

No doubt, the kernel has fostered an unprecedented code-quality view,
which, IMHO, is the bottom line. As long as that quality remains
unchallenged, having all drivers in-kernel will remain the best
choice. But, suppose some entity managed to keep that quality in
userspace, would there be any reason to think of it as a bad idea? I
think not.


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