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SubjectRe: Commit 529febe breaks usb on Freescale P1022

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:11:46AM +0100, Eibach, Dirk wrote:
> > > This commit introduces a check for the USB PHY clock.
> > > Problem is that CTRL_PHY_CLK_VALID bit seems not to be
> > present on all
> > > Freescale ehci implementations, at least P1022 does not have it. So
> > > this check always fails and the driver never gets loaded.
> >
> > hmm, you would need a revision check on that function then.
> Since I have no idea which Freescale platforms provide this bit and
> which platforms don't, I suggest withdrawing this commit and do some
> investigation on Freescales side to do this properly.

Could be, but I would like to hear from Shengzhou first. Not sure what
Greg thinks though :-)

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