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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] firewire-sbp2: Various fixes
    On Feb 15 Chris Boot wrote:
    > In writing my SBP-2 target code I found a few areas in the firewire-sbp2
    > initiator code that needed some attention:
    > 1. The Unit_Unique_ID property in SBP-2 unit directories is ignored, but this
    > should be used when working out the target port name instead of the node's
    > GUID if it is present. (Suggestion of Stefan Richter)
    > 2. The initiator tries to login to any and all SBP-2 targets, including ones on
    > the local node. This fails due to how the firewire stack / initiator code
    > works but is most likely undesirable behaviour, so this patch makes
    > firewire-sbp2 ignore SBP-2 targets on the local node.
    > 3. SBP-2 sends SCSI sense data over the wire in an unusual format which
    > requires un-mangling before we can pass it to the SCSI subsystem. Some of
    > this mangling is currently being done incorrectly, so this patch fixes it.

    Thank you. Pushed out to linux1394.git
    Stefan Richter
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