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    SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 2/2] gpio: add STA2X11 GPIO block
    Thank Linus for this and the others.

    > [Nitpick: spelling]


    >> + gpio->base = gpio_base;
    >> + gpio->base = 0;
    > What are you doing here?

    An error. Sorry. the latter line must be removed. I'll resend.

    > The GPIO pin number space is global and you need to be able to
    > handle the case where several controllers of this kind are plugged
    > in, will you not?

    Yes, I'm pretty careful about this, and it's one of the concerns I
    have with the code I got. Unfortunately I only have 1 card plugged in
    a PC (and one standalone system where the sta2x11 is the main chipset
    and no more chan be plugged). Here I simply made a mistake.

    > Make sure that the global GPIO numberspace is properly
    > handled on these systems, alas I am a bit worried that this
    > may not be that very easy.

    No, it was not. But, despite tha extra line from earlier code, it should
    work properly with this code layout.


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