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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Ensure that walk_page_range()'s start and end are page-aligned
    DR> That's not a precedent, there's a big difference between the
    DR> performance of gup_fast(), where we can't spare an additional
    DR> compare and branch, and walk_page_range(). VM_BUG_ON() is typically
    DR> used in situations where a debug kernel has been built, including
    DR> CONFIG_DEBUG_VM, and the check helps to isolate a problem that would
    DR> be otherwise difficult to find.

    Okay, fair enough. I was trying to stay in line with the other
    conventions, knowing that the check would only be done with
    CONFIG_DEBUG_VM enabled.

    I'd rather just make it always do the check in walk_page_range(). Does
    that sound reasonable?

    Dan Smith
    IBM Linux Technology Center

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