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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCEMENT] The Barbershop Load Distribution algorithm for Linux kernel scheduler.
On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 1:22 AM, Rakib Mullick <> wrote:
>>> +
>>> +       if (rq->pos != 2) {     /* if rq isn't the last one */
>>> +               struct rq *last;
>>> +               write_lock_irqsave(&disp_list_lock, flag);
>>                    if (rq->pos != 2)
>>                             goto out;
> At this point, we're checking whether this task is activating on a rq
> which is the last (hightest loaded) rq or not. If rq->pos != 2, it
> stands we're not activating a task at the highest loaded rq, so a
> check will be made with the highest loaded rq to make sure - this rq's
> loaded didn't exceed the highest loaded rq. If rq's load
> exceed - list will be removed from it's place and will be placed as a
> last entry of rq_head and thus it becomes the highest loaded rq. So,
> what you proposed here isn't what was intended.

I want to say
                   if (rq->pos == 2)
                            goto out;
sorry for the bad:(

> Hiff, did you ran the patch? Would like to know.

Try to run soon.

Best regards
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