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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] bluetooth: Use more current logging styles
Hi Joe,

* Marcel Holtmann <> [2012-02-13 07:35:13 +0100]:

> Hi Joe,
> > Make functions for bt_info and bt_err.
> > Remove now unused function bt_printk.
> > Convert uses of BT_INFO and BT_ERR to bt_info and bt_err.
> That is all fine, but why not just change BT_INFO to point to bt_info
> and BT_ERR to bt_err first instead of having this huge patch mixed in
> with the changes. The size measurement should be no different.

I'm with Marcel here, it is not really a good idea to change BT_INFO to
bt_info and BT_ERR to bt_err. I understand that capital letters are not the
standard here but such a change is painful for all Bluetooth developers and I
don't wanna give more trouble to them. I'm ok if we only change bluetooth.h


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