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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] IPC: checkpoint/restore in userspace enhancements
13.02.2012 20:11, Serge Hallyn пишет:
> Quoting Stanislav Kinsbursky (
>> 10.02.2012 22:29, Casey Schaufler пишет:
>>> On 2/9/2012 10:01 AM, Stanislav Kinsbursky wrote:
>>>> This patch set aimed to provide additional functionality for all IPC objects,
>>>> which is required for migration these objects by user-space checkpoint/restore
>>>> utils.
>>>> The main problem here was impossibility to set up object id. This patch set
>>>> solves the problem in two steps:
>>>> 1) Makes it possible to create new object (shared memory, semaphores set or
>>>> messages queue) with ID, equal to passed key.
>>>> 2) Makes it possible to change existent object key.
>>> Is there any chance you might include the LSM data as well?
>> Sorry, but I don't understand your question.
>> What is this "LSM"? Linux Shared Memory? If yes, and you mean SYSV
>> IPC SHM, then where do you want to include it?
> He means linux security modules. (see include/linux/security.h)

Ok, thanks for explanation.
Casey, what exactly you are asking about? Am I going to implement
security_*_set() functions?

Best regards,
Stanislav Kinsbursky
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