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    SubjectRe: No /dev/root with devtmpfs?
    --- On Fri, 10/2/12, Kirill Smelkov <> wrote:
    > > Could you simply use /etc/fstab to identify the root
    > partition?
    > Unfortunately no, because /etc/fstab can't know where the
    > card will be
    > inserted to boot this time - i.e. either in compactflash
    > slot on
    > motherboard, or through usb via cardreader. So root has to
    > be determined
    > at runtime.
    > Personally I'm ok with no /dev/root symlink as long as there
    > is another
    > way to detect root blkdev reliably. And I'm still confised
    > what's the
    > rationale about why this can't be done for modern
    > filesysems.

    Here's another suggestion: /proc/cmdline

    The bootloader might pass the root partition to the kernel via the
    "root=" kernel parameter; these can be read at /proc/cmdline.
    For example, on an HP iPAQ hx4700: root=/dev/mtdblock2

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