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    SubjectRe: drivers/regulator/core.c: Fixes mapping inside regulator_mode_to_status() and makes it returning -EINVAL on invalid input.
    On Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 12:12:20PM +0000, Krystian Garbaciak wrote:
    > Minor fix that makes the function working correctly with
    > REGULATOR_MODE_STANDBY as parameter.
    > Also, on invalid input (bad mode), it is better to return -EINVAL,
    > instead of meaningless 0 value (which actually is interpreted as
    > ---

    As I previously said you need to follow the patch submission process in
    SubmittingPatches. Here you need to:

    - Sign off your patch. Without this your patch cannot be applied.
    - Send the patches to the maintainers (not just one of them) and the

    You should also make an effort to use subject lines for your patch that
    match up with what the rest of the subsystem is doing.

    > default:
    > - return 0;
    > + return -EINVAL;

    This behaviour is deliberate.

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