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    SubjectRe: [PATCH V1] TPS62360: Add tps62360 regulator driver
    On Sun, Jan 08, 2012 at 01:12:47PM +0530, Laxman Dewangan wrote:

    > > Taking multiple different regulator_init_data is definitely not what we
    > > want, there's a whole bunch of information in there, not just the
    > > voltages. You should just use platform data to specify the GPIOs (and
    > > a set of voltages if you go with that approach).

    > How do you pass the voltages along with gpios? If I understand correctly
    > then it may be wither in range form or discrete form.
    > Like in range form 500-700 for VSEL:00, 710-800 VSEL:01 etc.
    > In discrete form VSEL00:500, 540, 550..
    > For, VSEL01, VSEL00:510, 900,

    Why would you have ranges? If you've set the VSEL pins to a particular
    value I'd expect the chip to produce whatever voltage is programmed for
    that VSEL.

    > In range form, the disadvantages is that, most of time, the voltage
    > requirement is surrounding operating voltage and so it will use only
    > one combination of VSEL in most of time and will not get the benefit.
    > The discrete form have long list of voltage and filling table is pain.
    > Also need to maintain the big list of lookuptable to select voltage
    > configuration register.

    You only have four possible VSELs so I don't see a concern there.

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