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    SubjectRe: Status of arm-soc.git for 3.2
    On Wednesday 04 January 2012, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
    > On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 10:43:06PM +0000, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > > The merge window is almost there, so it's time to look at what we've queued
    > > up in the arm-soc tree. There is a total of 55 branches with 386 non-merge
    > > changesets on top of mainline and the dependencies (linux-arm, v4l and
    > > dmaengine). The total diffstat is:
    > >
    > > 676 files changed, 19694 insertions(+), 12633 deletions(-)
    > Well, my tree looks like this:
    > 937 files changed, 8150 insertions(+), 10774 deletions(-)
    > > I would like to stop adding non-bugfix patches into the branches above now
    > > for 3.2, and instead merge everything that I receive from now on into
    > > late/* branches, so we don't destabilize the patches that are already there
    > > and so I can feel more comfortable about sending everything in the next/*
    > > branches upstream ASAP.
    > I think that's a must - for both our trees. We have quite a number of
    > conflicts in linux-next between our trees and other trees - some of them
    > due to duplicated commits being applied.

    Hmm, I'll have to check that, I was hoping that we manged to weed out
    the duplicated commits. Do you have a list, or some (semi-)automated
    way to find those, or are those just random commits you stumbled

    > I'm feeling less than confident about my tree for this upcoming merge
    > window than I've ever felt before - I think we're in for quite a bit
    > of stick, possibly from Linus, over the about of silly conflicts and
    > duplicates which we have with other trees.

    Yes, the silly conflicts last time were a bit too much. Linus always
    says that he wants to see the conflicts when they happen, but we
    really shouldn't let him see conflicts between your tree and arm-soc.
    I think we can eliminate those at least by pulling in your branches
    where the conflicts happen.

    Olof has updated the arm-soc tree to the latest version of your
    devel-stable branch, which means that all conflicts between that
    and the branches in arm-soc should be dealt with already. I've
    added one merge from devel-stable into our next/drivers2 branch
    to prevent a modify/rename conflict and resolved silly conflicts
    between branches within arm-soc.

    > It's proven to be _impossible_ to sanely do an architecture wide change
    > to the way the restart stuff is handled - because SoC maintainers have
    > taken to adding their own individual patches for it to their git trees.
    > What I had hoped was to get that all sorted by the end of November, and
    > publish the whole thing as a stable branch, but that was utterly thwarted
    > by non-responsive maintainers - for example, some of this stuff only
    > getting finally fixed _yesterday_.

    I've not resolved the conflicts between stuff in arm-soc and your restart
    branch yet, because I don't know in what order we should do the merges.

    We can certainly submit 'arm-soc/fixes-non-critical', 'arm-soc/cleanups'
    and 'rmk/devel-stable' right away because there are no conflicts between
    those. That alone would get us a great deal forward.

    The rest of the arm-soc branches more or less depend on your 'devel-stable'
    and conflict with your 'restart' branch. If you want to go first, you
    can submit your that branch now, and Olof or I will resolve the conflicts
    with it before pushing the arm-soc branches. Alternatively, we
    submit everything except 'next/move' and 'next/drivers2' (those should
    come last) once your 'devel-stable' is in and let you work out the
    conflicts. I'm fine with it either way, but as you say it's certainly
    not a easy ride to get them all resolved.

    > To some extent, it still is being thwarted by non-responsive maintainers:
    > the "Temporary #error" commit is still there. I'm in two minds about
    > whether to push that up to Linus or not - they've had sufficient warning
    > both on this mailing list, by personal email, and a #error being in
    > linux-next making their platform(s) unbuildable for about a month.
    > Therefore, I have no issues what so ever breaking the three platforms
    > (gemini, shmobile, vt8500) which remain unconverted at the next merge
    > window, and I don't care what they say about that happening. (If they
    > cared, they should respond to email.)

    Yep, agreed.

    > However, one thing that really concerns me is that we're going to have
    > to go through all this again over the next three months, because of the
    > arch_idle changes which Nicolas has. I am not looking forward to that.

    If you prefer, I can try to handle those in arm-soc, but I'm not sure
    if that helps. We can try.


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