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    SubjectRe: Sysfs attributes racing with unregistration
    On Wed, 4 Jan 2012, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

    > > Someone (I think Eric, right?) was trying to generalize the semantics
    > > to vfs layer so that severance/revocation capability is generally
    > > available. IIRC, it didn't get through tho.
    > Unfortunately I didn't have time to complete the effort of those
    > patches. The approach was not fundamentally rejected but it needed a
    > clear and convincing use case as well as some strong scrutiny. But
    > fundamentally finding a way to do that was seen as an interesting,
    > if it could be solved without slowing down the existing cases.

    Ted Ts'o has been talking about something similar but not the same -- a
    way to revoke an entire filesystem. For example, see commit
    7c2e70879fc0949b4220ee61b7c4553f6976a94d (ext4: add ext4-specific
    kludge to avoid an oops after the disk disappears).

    The use case for that is obvious and widespread: Somebody yanks out a
    USB drive without unmounting it first.

    Alan Stern

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