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    SubjectRe: VFs go missing with latest kernel
    On 01/31/2012 05:43 PM, Rose, Gregory V wrote:
    >> Back to the missing VF problem: reverting the patch I mentioned before
    >> and my VM boots up fine with the even-numbered VFs assigned to it.
    > OK, thanks... I was staring at the dmesg output you sent me and it is odd because the even numbered VFs that go missing are there when you set their MAC addresses. See output below the dotted line after my reply.

    Ah, I think I confused you. The VFs for the first 2 ports (ie., the
    first 14 VFs) are seen fine; I only showed the VFs for the second 2
    ports -- which are missing the even number.

    So, in summary I am missing 7 VFs all associated with the even numbers
    on the last ports of a quad port card.


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