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    SubjectRe: sparc32 vs lib/mpi
    On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 3:12 AM, Al Viro <> wrote:
    >        I realize that very few people care about sparc32 these days,
    > but...
    >        a) __clz_tab[] is defined (with identical contents) in
    > lib/mpi/mpi-bit.c and arch/sparc/lib/divdi3.S.  Linker is unhappy,
    > of course...
    >        b) the same thing ends up using __udiv_qrnnd(), which simply
    > does not exist on sparc32.  There's a Cthulhu-scaring cascade of
    > ifdefs in lib/mpi/longlong.h, with several variants of udiv_qrnnd()
    > for sparc.  Unfortunately, it falls back on use of __udiv_qrnnd()...
    > Note that arch/sparc/math-emu/sfp-util_32.h has a definition of
    > udiv_qrnnd() which might match one of inline assembly variants in

    Would need to test it and see how it works...

    > lib/mpi/longlong.h.  Or not.  BTW, what the hell is LONGLONG_STANDALONE?

    i see that it comes from gnupg code as it is, but do not see any
    scripts which might define it.

    >        Could somebody who might remember still remember that stuff
    > come up with comments?  For now I'm disabling everything from
    > INTEGRITY_SIGNATURE down to MPILIB on sparc32 cross-build, but it
    > would be nice to get it at least somewhat sorted out...
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