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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/11] SYSCTL: export root and set handling routines
    Stanislav Kinsbursky <> writes:

    > 19.12.2011 20:37, Eric W. Biederman пишет:
    >> Stanislav Kinsbursky<> writes:
    >> Doing that independently of the rest of the sysctls is pretty horrible
    >> and confusing to users. What I am planning might suit your needs and
    >> if not we need to talk some more about how to get the vfs to do
    >> something reasonable.
    > Ok, Eric. Would be glad to discuss your sysctls plans.
    > But actually you already know my needs: I would like to make sysctls work in the
    > way like sysfs does: i.e. content of files depends on mount maker -
    > not viewer.

    What drives the desire to have sysctls depend on the mount maker?
    Especially what drives that desire not to have it have a /proc/<pid>/sys
    directory that reflects the sysctls for a given process.


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