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    SubjectRe: [patch v2, kernel version 3.2.1] net/ipv4/ip_gre: Ethernet multipoint GRE over IP
    Dňa 17. januára 2012 12:15, Eric Dumazet <> napísal/a:
    > Le mardi 17 janvier 2012 à 12:00 +0100, Štefan Gula a écrit :
    >> >
    >> looks good... I am just wondering whether my previous question about
    >> the placement of calls for ipgre_tap_bridge_init and
    >> ipgre_tap_bridge_fini? Would it be also possible to have this
    >> done/fixed when I migrate those inside the ipgre_init and ipgre_fini ?
    >> I would like to have much rather identical parts of code with standard
    >> bridge code just in case somebody would start doing generalization of
    >> bridge code which can be then reused anywhere inside the kernel space
    >> - simpler migration process later.
    > Could you please stop claiming this is the same than bridge ?
    > There is _one_ exit function per module (ipgre_fini in ip_gre)
    > You wanted to destroy your kmem_cache only from this __exit function,
    > not from the pernet exit function (ipgre_exit_net)
    Ok, I will modify that, test that later today and if testing will be
    successful, I will provide new version of this patch.
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