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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Git 1.7.9.rc1
    A release candidate Git 1.7.9.rc1 is available for testing.

    The release tarballs are found at:

    and their SHA-1 checksums are:

    b97f10508f16b4117499cdfc4df9b19c725027d5 git-1.7.9.rc1.tar.gz
    3064fc295a46440a91ca3f5fa622f5f1d40d3ba4 git-htmldocs-1.7.9.rc1.tar.gz
    332e12061823d8def0fb823fa7798093bbe41279 git-manpages-1.7.9.rc1.tar.gz

    Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.7.9.rc1
    tag and the master branch that the tag points at:

    url = git://
    url =
    url = git://
    url = git://
    url =

    Git v1.7.9 Release Notes (draft)

    Updates since v1.7.8

    * gitk updates accumulated since early 2011.

    * git-gui updated to 0.16.0.

    * git-p4 (in contrib/) updates.

    * Git uses gettext to translate its most common interface messages
    into the user's language if translations are available and the
    locale is appropriately set. Distributors can drop in new PO files
    in po/ to add new translations.

    * The code to handle username/password for HTTP transaction used in
    "git push" & "git fetch" learned to talk "credential API" to
    external programs to cache or store them, to allow integration with
    platform native keychain mechanisms.

    * The prompted input in the terminal use our own getpass() replacement
    when possible. HTTP transactions used to ask username without echoing
    back what was typed, but with this change you will see it as you type.

    * The internal of "revert/cherry-pick" has been tweaked to prepare
    building more generic "sequencer" on top of the implementation that
    drives them.

    * "git rev-parse FETCH_HEAD" after "git fetch" without specifying
    what to fetch from the command line will now show the commit that
    would be merged if the command were "git pull".

    * "git add" learned to stream large files directly into a packfile
    instead of writing them into individual loose object files.

    * "git checkout -B <current branch> <elsewhere>" is a more intuitive
    way to spell "git reset --keep <elsewhere>".

    * "git checkout" and "git merge" learned "--no-overwrite-ignore" option
    to tell Git that untracked and ignored files are not expendable.

    * "git commit --amend" learned "--no-edit" option to say that the
    user is amending the tree being recorded, without updating the
    commit log message.

    * "git commit" and "git reset" re-learned the optimization to prime
    the cache-tree information in the index, which makes it faster to
    write a tree object out after the index entries are updated.

    * "git commit" detects and rejects an attempt to stuff NUL byte in
    the commit log message.

    * "git commit" learned "-S" to GPG-sign the commit; this can be shown
    with the "--show-signature" option to "git log".

    * fsck and prune are relatively lengthy operations that still go
    silent while making the end-user wait. They learned to give progress
    output like other slow operations.

    * The set of built-in function-header patterns for various languages
    knows MATLAB.

    * "git log --format='<format>'" learned new %g[nNeE] specifiers to
    show information from the reflog entries when warlking the reflog
    (i.e. with "-g").

    * "git pull" can be used to fetch and merge an annotated/signed tag,
    instead of the tip of a topic branch. The GPG signature from the
    signed tag is recorded in the resulting merge commit for later

    * "git log" learned "--show-signature" option to show the signed tag
    that was merged that is embedded in the merge commit. It also can
    show the signature made on the commit with "git commit -S".

    * "git branch --edit-description" can be used to add descriptive text
    to explain what a topic branch is about.

    * "git fmt-merge-msg" learned to take the branch description into
    account when preparing a merge summary that "git merge" records
    when merging a local branch.

    * "git request-pull" has been updated to convey more information
    useful for integrators to decide if a topic is worth merging and
    what is pulled is indeed what the requestor asked to pull,

    - the tip of the branch being requested to be merged;
    - the branch description describing what the topic is about;
    - the contents of the annotated tag, when requesting to pull a tag.

    * "git pull" learned to notice 'pull.rebase' configuration variable,
    which serves as a global fallback for setting 'branch.<name>.rebase'
    configuration variable per branch.

    * "git tag" learned "--cleanup" option to control how the whitespaces
    and empty lines in tag message are cleaned up.

    * "gitweb" learned to show side-by-side diff.

    Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.

    Fixes since v1.7.8

    Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.8 in the maintenance
    releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for


    Changes since v1.7.9-rc0 are as follows:

    Ben Walton (1):
    Use perl instead of sed for t8006-blame-textconv test

    Carlos Martín Nieto (1):
    archive: re-allow HEAD:Documentation on a remote invocation

    Clemens Buchacher (1):
    credentials: unable to connect to cache daemon

    Jeff King (5):
    send-email: multiedit is a boolean config option
    attr: don't confuse prefixes with leading directories
    attr: drop misguided defensive coding
    attr: fix leak in free_attr_elem
    thin-pack: try harder to use preferred base objects as base

    Junio C Hamano (11):
    attr.c: make bootstrap_attr_stack() leave early
    attr.c: clarify the logic to pop attr_stack
    Documentation: rerere's rr-cache auto-creation and rerere.enabled
    Prepare for
    Prepare for
    Prepare for
    request-pull: use the real fork point when preparing the message
    Update draft release notes to
    Update draft release notes to
    Update draft release notes to
    Git 1.7.9-rc1

    Matthieu Moy (1):
    gitweb: accept trailing "/" in $project_list

    Michael Haggerty (3):
    receive-pack: move more work into write_head_info()
    show_ref(): remove unused "flag" and "cb_data" arguments
    write_head_info(): handle "extra refs" locally

    Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (1):
    t2203: fix wrong commit command

    Sebastian Schuberth (2):
    t9200: On MSYS, do not pass Windows-style paths to CVS
    git-cvsexportcommit: Fix calling Perl's rel2abs() on MSYS

    Thomas Rast (1):
    mailinfo documentation: accurately describe non -k case

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