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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 2/8] arm: move arm over to generic on_each_cpu_mask
    On Sun Jan 08 2012 about 11:28:02 EST, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
    > Note that the generic version is a little different then the Arm one:
    > 1. It has the mask as first parameter
    > 2. It calls the function on the calling CPU with interrupts disabled,
    > but this should be OK since the function is called on the other CPUs
    > with interrupts disabled anyway.

    While the split is good for review, since this function uses the same
    name we will need to combine 1-3 to avoid a bisection build error.

    - on_each_cpu_mask(ipi_flush_tlb_page, &ta, 1, mm_cpumask(vma->vm_mm));
    + on_each_cpu_mask(mm_cpumask(vma->vm_mm), ipi_flush_tlb_page,
    + &ta, 1);

    Since you are only rearranging the arguments and not adding any
    characters, my first thought would be just leave the line long.
    However, looking at the 80 column wrap I see how "mm));" is more
    clearly wrapped text vs ", 1);".

    My suggestion is to create a local var to shorten the line, probably
    struct mm_struct *mm, but a cpumask_var_t would also work.

    Overall a minor point, I'm ok if this doesn't happen.


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