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    Subject[2.6.37 -> 2.6.38 regression] "mv64xxx: I2C bus locked, block: 1, time_left: 0" every few seconds

    Roman Mamedov wrote[1]:

    > This bug is still present for me in the latest kernel version in
    > Debian testing (3.1.6).
    > The last properly working kernel version seems to be:
    > And the problem occurs since:

    Thanks. Arnaud, any hints? To summarize:

    - Michael Ott reported with Debian kernel 2.6.38-3 (which is closely
    based on stable v2.6.38.2):

    syslog tell me every few seconds:
    i2c i2c-0: mv64xxx: I2C bus locked, block: 1, time_left: 0

    - Manuel Roeder reported the same and found that upstream v2.6.38
    triggers the problem and v2.6.37.6 does not.

    - Roman Mamedov finds the bug present in Debian 3.1.6-1 (which
    is closely based on stable v3.1.6) and Debian 2.6.37-2 (based on
    stable v2.6.37.2) but not Debian 2.6.37-1 (based on mainline

    The regression range described above seems a little inconsistent to
    me, so maybe there's something more going on.



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