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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: create a pin control subsystem v8
    On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 4:07 AM, Grant Likely <> wrote:

    > Comments below, some a bit nitpicky, but overall I think it looks
    > good.  I haven't dug into it nearly deeply enough though.  :-(

    Hopefully we can patch the remaining bugs as we go along :-)

    >> +/**
    >> + * Looks up a pin control device matching a certain device name or
    >> + * pure device pointer.
    > May as well actually do kerneldoc formatting here on the comment
    > blocks.


    >> +struct pinctrl_dev *get_pctldev_from_dev(struct device *dev,
    >> +                                      const char *devname)
    > Nit: I'm not too fond of a single function doing both name and pointer
    > lookup at the same time.  Presumably the caller would have one or the
    > other and know what it needs to do.  I'd prefer to see one by-name
    > function and one by-reference.  I'm not going to make a big deal about
    > it though.

    The caller currently does not know what it has or
    what to do.

    This is basically an interator function that is called on
    a member tuple of device and device name to check
    which one you have and return a matching controller
    device for the key you do have.

    >> +     /* Register device with sysfs */
    >> +     pctldev->dev.parent = dev;
    >> +     pctldev->dev.bus = &pinctrl_bus;
    > I don't think there is an actual need for a pinctrl bus type.  There
    > aren't any drivers that are going to be bound to these things which is
    > the primary functionality that a bus type provides.  Am I missing
    > something?

    That is not the reason it's there actually, what we have
    discussed on the mailing list is getting sysfs entries for the same
    reason gpiolib registers a class: handle pin control from userspace,
    we can already see that coming and I already have a use case
    for it. (Modem SIM connector control from userspace daemon.)

    So first it was registering a class, then Greg said classes are
    deprecated and we should use a bus instead. So it is
    registering a bus to get sysfs so we can get userspace

    >> +out_err:
    >> +     put_device(&pctldev->dev);
    >> +     kfree(pctldev);
    > Once a device is initialized, it cannot be kfree()'ed directly.  The
    > .release method needs to do that.

    OK. And I already had a proper .release() method doing
    exactly that, so deleting this.

    >> +/**
    >> + * pin_free() - release a single muxed in pin so something else can be muxed in
    >> + *   instead
    > Nit: the summary line in kerneldoc should fit on one line.


    Went over the code and fixed a few other sites too.

    >> +int __init
    >> +pinmux_register_mappings(struct pinmux_map const *maps, unsigned num_maps)
    > Nit: keep line breaks in the parameter lists.  More grep friendly.

    OK fixed it.

    Linus Walleij
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