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    SubjectRe: Kernel 3.1.0-rc4 oops when connecting iPod
    On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 11:59 PM, Hin-Tak Leung <> wrote:
    >> With kernel 3.1.0-rc4 any attempt to connect iPod to USB
    >> leads to
    >> kernel oops. I'd say that stacktrace of the oops is pretty
    >> much random
    >> and not related to HFS. But I was able to get useful info
    >> from it when
    >> I recompiled with CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON=y. In this case I
    >> don't get
    >> oops but the following instead:
    > There are a few hfsplus related changes to do protection against invalid data like this, but may be there are more. It would be useful to have the output from your
    > objdump -l -d hfsplus.ko | grep  -A 1000 '<hfsplus_fill_super>'
    > (the -l gives line numbers against the kernel tree, so would be useful if you run this against the ko there...)

    Output of this command is in attachment.

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