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Subject[RFCv4 PATCH 0/6]: add poll_requested_events() function
This is the fourth version of this patch series, incorporating the comments
from Andrew Morton: I've split up the multiple-assignment line and added a
comment explaining the purpose of the new function in poll.h.

It's also rebased to the current staging/for_v3.2 branch of the linux-media

There are no other changes compared to the RFCv3 patches.

I'd very much like to get an Acked-by (or additional comments) from Al or
Andrew! This patch series really should go into v3.2 which is getting close.

Normally I would have posted this v4 3 weeks ago, but due to Real Life
interference in the past few weeks I was unable to. But I'm back, and this is
currently the highest priority for me.



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