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SubjectRe: [159/244] ipc/mqueue.c: fix mq_open() return value
On Thu, 29 Sep 2011 12:08:55 -0700
Greg KH <> wrote:

> > And in fact, upon further reflection, I think maybe that particular
> > test could use being split into two distinct tests. One for wrapping
> > the byte counter, which would return -ENOMEM, and one for exceeding
> > RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE which would return -EPERM (not sure if that's right, I
> > would have to poke around elsewhere, but it seems a better response
> > when you are violating a ulimit than nomem to me anyway).
> Ok, care to get the patch into Linus's tree and then I can take it into
> stable?

Doug, the thing to do here is to rework your recent mqueue patchset.
Prepare a minimal, critical-stuff series of bugfix patches against
current Linus mainline which is also applicable to -stable. We can
merge that into 3.1 or, more likely, into 3.2-rc1/3.1.x.

Then, later, we can merge up the less critical parts of that patchset.

otoh, the only not-applicable-to-stable part of that patchset appears
to be "[1/5] ipc/mqueue: cleanup definition names and locations" and
it's fairly small. So we could perhaps just merge all five into
3.2-rc1, with a -stable backport.

Doing that backport would require that we first backport the buggy
patches (ie: this one), which is a bit weird. Perhaps it would be
better for you to prepare a reworked patch series for 3.0.x after
that five-patch series hits mainline.

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