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    Subjectlinux-next: manual merge of the moduleh tree with the staging tree
    Hi Paul,

    Today's linux-next merge of the moduleh tree got a conflict in
    drivers/staging/iio/accel/adis16201_ring.c between commit 779921683e6d
    ("staging:iio:accel header housekeeping - remove unecessary includes")
    from the staging tree and commit 15f310ea9641 ("staging: Add export.h for
    THIS_MODULE/EXPORT_SYMBOL to drivers/staging users") from the moduleh

    I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as necessary.
    Stephen Rothwell

    diff --cc drivers/staging/iio/accel/adis16201_ring.c
    index 4b433c5,52ab4f0..0000000
    --- a/drivers/staging/iio/accel/adis16201_ring.c
    +++ b/drivers/staging/iio/accel/adis16201_ring.c
    @@@ -3,10 -4,15 +3,11 @@@
    #include <linux/kernel.h>
    #include <linux/spi/spi.h>
    #include <linux/slab.h>
    -#include <linux/sysfs.h>
    + #include <linux/export.h>

    #include "../iio.h"
    -#include "../sysfs.h"
    #include "../ring_sw.h"
    -#include "accel.h"
    -#include "../trigger.h"
    +#include "../trigger_consumer.h"
    #include "adis16201.h"

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