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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/13] wlags49_h2: Various cleanups

Nice work! It looks like you managed to understand how some of the HCF
code actually works... I found it rather unreadable but I also lack the
knowledge of the inner working of Agere's Hermes II chip.

Op 16-9-2011 1:20, David Kilroy schreef:
> Verified be recompiling and confirming there are no changes to the
> binary (except line offsets from calls to mdd_assert).
I applied your patches against the current 3.0 linux kernel driver code
and compiled it on my Ubuntu 11.04 system (2.6.38-11). I can confirm the
modified driver is still working okay using a Thomson Speedtouch 110 Wifi
card with WEP. WPA was - and I guess still is - non functional. The driver
is very stable in WEP mode; the laptop is frequently used for bittorrent
and Tweetdeck and never crashes.

The only known problem (besides WPA) is removal and reinserting the PCMCIA
card. It is not recognized anymore on that slot. The card works on a
second PCMCIA slot. This is old behaviour and not due to your changes
(however this worked with older kernels).

Kind regards,


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