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    SubjectRe: Proposal for a low-level Linux display framework
    > I'm not sure a common interface to all of these different
    > channels makes sense, but surely a DSI library and an aux channel
    > library would fit nicely alongside the existing DDC library.

    DSI and the various other MIPI bits tend to be horribly panel and device
    specific. In one sense yes its a standard with standard commands,
    processes, queries etc, on the other a lot of stuff is oriented around
    the 'its a fixed configuration unit we don't need to have queries' view.
    There also tends to be a lot of vendor magic initialisation logic both
    chipset and device dependant, and often 'plumbing dependant' on SoC
    systems. This is doubly ugly with the I²C abstractions for DDC because
    SoC systems are not above putting the DDC on a standard I²C port being
    shared with other functionality.

    > Oh, I think you're also trying to get at how we expose some of these
    > controls outside of the display driver -- right now, they're mostly
    > exposed as properties on the output device. Things like backlight
    > brightness, a million analog TV output values, dithering control and
    > other more esoteric controls.

    This is how the MIPI handling in the GMA500 driver works, although the
    existing code needs to be taken out and shot, which should be happening
    soon. There is a lot, like panel initialisation which is however not
    really going to fit a properties model.

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