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SubjectRE: [PATCH] slub Discard slab page only when node partials > minimum setting

> > Hmmm... The sizes of the per cpu partial objects could be varied a bit to
> > see if more would make an impact.
> I find almost in one time my kbuilding.
> size 384, was alloced in fastpath about 2900k times
> size 176, was alloced in fastpath about 1900k times
> size 192, was alloced in fastpath about 500k times
> anon_vma, was alloced in fastpath about 560k times
> size 72, was alloced in fastpath about 600k times
> size 512, 256, 128, was alloced in fastpath about more than 100k for
> each of them.
> I may give you objects size involved in my netperf testing later.
> and which test case do you prefer to? If I have, I may collection data
> on them.

I write a short script to collect different size object usage of
alloc_fastpath. The output is following, first column is the object
name and second is the alloc_fastpath called times.

:t-0000448 62693419
:t-0000384 1037746
:at-0000104 191787
:t-0000176 2051053
anon_vma 953578
:t-0000048 2108191
:t-0008192 17858636
:t-0004096 2307039
:t-0002048 21601441
:t-0001024 98409238
:t-0000512 14896189
:t-0000256 96731409
:t-0000128 221045
:t-0000064 149505
:t-0000032 638431
:t-0000192 263488

Above output shows size 448/8192/2048/512/256 are used much.

So at least both kbuild(with 4 jobs) and netperf loopback (one server on
CPU socket 1, and one client on CPU socket 2) testing have no clear
performance change on our machine

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