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    SubjectRe: SDHCI regression since 2.6.39

    On Tue, Sep 13 2011, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    >> If it is running, and not helping, can I persuade you to try a full
    >> bisection?
    > OK, will do.

    Thank you!

    >> I don't think we have other reports of this bug, and the
    >> only other person who has reported something like it wasn't a kernel
    >> hacker.
    > That's interesting; the X220 is a pretty common machine these days, I
    > think. I wonder if there's variations in the SD controller or something?

    I just asked Matthew Garrett to check his X220, and his has the same e823
    controller as you, is running a 3.1-rc kernel, and everything's working.

    So it's not even variation in the controller model, it's something even
    more subtle. Perhaps try some different cards? What capacity/speed is
    the one you're trying? If there is a per-card difference, I suppose
    we'd expect it to be that slower cards work and faster cards fail
    (given the nature of the patch I linked in my last mail).


    - Chris.
    Chris Ball <> <>
    One Laptop Per Child

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