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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/8] staging: vme: add functions for bridge module refcounting
    On 09/08/11 14:24, Manohar Vanga wrote:
    > Hey Martyn,
    >> I think that by refcounting the resources being used we will know whether a
    >> bridge module is being used or not, thus whether it can be unloaded or not. By
    >> reference counting the use of resources we minimise the chance of poorly
    >> written drivers using resources, but not registering the fact that they are in
    >> fact using a VME bridge.
    > In the end, this discussion is about what we want the bride module reference count
    > to represent. I see your point here that it would be really useful to know what
    > resources have been allocated. I am just wondering whether the module refcount is
    > a good place to give information on allocated resources (rather than the bridge
    > module refcount).
    > I am not really an expert in these matters but would something like a sysfs file
    > be a cleaner approach to providing information on allocated resources within the
    > driver?

    That would probably be a better idea.

    > With this approach, I am also thinking about cases where resources are not allocated
    > within the probe call. This can cause issues if the bridge module is removed after
    > a successful probe but before the resources are allocated. This would be a direct
    > bug :-/
    > If we really don't want explicit module refcounting by drivers, can we perhaps use
    > the return value of the probe to automatically do this? eg. in vme_bus_probe() like
    > below:
    > int ret = 0;
    > ...
    > vme_bridge_get(bridge);
    > if (driver->probe)
    > ret = driver->probe(vdev);
    > if (ret)
    > vme_bridge_put(bridge);
    > return ret;
    > Just a thought. Feel free to shoot it down if you think it's the incorrect
    > approach :P

    After looking at the PCI and RapidIO subsystems, I think this is probably the
    correct approach. I guess the only quiestion then is at which point is
    vme_bridge_put() called assuming the probe is successful. I guess at module
    unload time, though I haven't checked in the PCI and RapidIO code.

    (Thank you for your patience)


    > Thanks!
    > --
    > /manohar

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    GE Intelligent Platforms | Wales (3828642) at 100
    T +44(0)127322748 | Barbirolli Square, Manchester,
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