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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] video: ep93xx-fb: add missing include of linux/module.h
    On 23/08/11 02:40, H Hartley Sweeten wrote:
    > On Sunday, August 21, 2011 5:31 PM, Ryan Mallon wrote:
    >> On 22/08/11 10:06, Axel Lin wrote:
    >>> 2011/8/22 Ryan Mallon<>:
    >>>> On 22/08/11 09:41, Ryan Mallon wrote:
    >>>>> On 22/08/11 00:39, Axel Lin wrote:
    >>>>>> ep93xx-fb.c uses interfaces from linux/module.h,
    >>>>>> so it should include that file. This patch fixes below build errors.
    >>>>> What actually changed to make these files broken? Did some other header
    >>>>> previously include module.h for us? How many other drivers are broken?
    >>>>> Anyway, the change is okay.
    >>>>> Acked-by: Ryan Mallon<>
    >>>> Actually, having a second look at this it does not look right.
    >>>> drivers/video/ep93xx-fb.c includes linux/platform.h (as its first include),
    >>>> which includes linux/driver.h, which includes linux/module.h.
    >>>> Just tested on Linus' latest tree and both this driver and the ep93xx
    >>>> backlight driver build fine. What kernel version are you using?
    >>>> ~Ryan
    >>> hi Ryan,
    >>> The patch is against linux-next tree.
    >>> I got build error for ep93xx-fb.c and ep93xx_bl.c on linux-next tree.
    >>> ( next-20110819 )
    >> Ok, I see now. The change which caused the breakage is fdb697c:
    >> "include: replace linux/module.h with "struct module" wherever
    >> possible". How many other drivers got broken now that device.h does not
    >> include module.h?
    > Probably a lot... Which is one of the reasons linux-next exists.. . ;-)

    Does anybody know how we can quickly determine which drivers are broken
    short of doing an allyesconfig? I tried to do some quick tricks by
    passing files which contain THIS_MODULE/MODULE_* through cpp, but I get
    loads of errors in headers files because I'm missing some config
    includes. Is there an easy way to get the kbuild arguments for the
    current .config so I can pass them to cpp?

    > Actually, Paul Gortmaker caused this breakage with the commit. He should
    > take a deeper look and see what it broke. From his commit:
    > Most of the implicit dependencies on module.h being present by
    > these headers pulling it in have been now weeded out, so we can
    > finally make this change with hopefully minimal breakage.

    Quick glance:

    ryanm@kiwi:linux-2.6$ grep -lR "^MODULE_" drivers/ | xargs grep -L
    | wc -l

    ryanm@kiwi:linux-2.6$ grep -lR "THIS_MODULE" drivers/ | xargs grep -L
    | wc -l

    Not sure how many of those are really broken though since there may be a
    few other ways to include module.h/export.h. I would also think there
    would be a lot more build failure reports if all of those were broken :-).


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