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Subject[PATCH 0/2 v2] sh-sci / PM: Fix problem with runtime PM callbacks run with interrupts off

> The sh-sci driver uses pm_runtime_get/put_sync() in such a way
> that they may be run with interrupts off and cause the (recently
> added) might_sleep_if() to trigger in rpm_suspend/resume().
> To avoid that, it's necessary to set the SCI device's power.irq_safe
> flag to indicate that it's runtime PM callbacks may be executed with
> interrupts off safely. However, the sh-sci driver needs to be able to
> clear that flag sometimes, so a new runtime PM helper for doing that
> is needed.

The previous version of this patchset was not very good as Alan pointed out,
so hopefully this one will be better.

[1/2] - Change PM subsys_data lock type into spinlock.
[2/2] - Make sh-sci use power.irq_safe to indicate that runtime PM callbacks
may be run with interrupts off.


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