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    SubjectRe: [RFC] weird crap with vdso on uml/i386
    On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 05:40:03PM -0400, Andrew Lutomirski wrote:

    > will cause iret (if iret happens) to restore the original rbp in rcx
    > (why? -- it seems okay if syscall is hit in __kernel_vsyscall but not
    > if something else does the syscall). I don't see what saves rbp to
    > the stack frame.

    Far more interesting question is how the hell does that thing manage to
    work in face of syscall restarts? As the matter of fact, how does it
    (and sysenter-based variant) play with ptrace() *and* restarts?

    Suppose we have a traced process. foo6() is called and the thing it
    stopped before the sys_foo6() is reached kernel-side. The sixth argument
    is on stack, ebp is set to user esp. SYSENTER happens, we read the
    6th argument from userland stack and put it along with the rest into
    pt_regs. tracer examines the arguments, modifies them (including the last
    one) and lets the tracee run free - e.g. detaches from the tracee.

    What should happen if we happen to get a signal that would restart that
    sucker? Granted, it's not going to happen with mmap() - it doesn't, AFAICS,
    do anything of that kind. However, I wouldn't bet a dime on other 6-argument
    syscalls not stepping on that. sendto() and recvfrom(), in particular...

    OK, we return to userland. The sixth argument is placed into %ebp. Linus'
    "pig and proud of that" trick works and we end up slapping userland
    %esp into %ebp and hitting SYSENTER again. Only one problem, though -
    the sixth argument on user stack is completely unaffected by what tracer
    had done. Unlike the rest of arguments, that *are* changed.

    We could deal with that in case of SYSENTER if we e.g. replaced that
    jmp .Lenter_kernel
    jmp .Lrestart
    and added
    movl %ebp, (%esp)
    jmp .Lenter_kernel
    but in case of SYSCALL it seems to be even messier... Comments?

    ... and there I thought that last year session of asm glue sniffing couldn't
    be topped by anything more unpleasant ;-/

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