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SubjectRe: Revert needed: udev spewing warnons on common systems in 3.0
On Tue, 2 Aug 2011, Andi Kleen wrote:

> And that's fine because nothing is fundamentally broken here that
> needs urgent fixing (except for that bogus backtrace of course)

Maybe not urgent, but needs to be fixed within the next 12 months because
all of the users of /proc/pid/oom_adj thus far have been to disable oom
killing for the thread and that protection isn't guaranteed when the
tunable is removed. Doing echo -17 > /proc/pid/oom_adj is a pretty good
indicator that the process is important.

> The right way is to add a one linker printk_once and then just wait
> for a few years.

This is what I did, except I waited one year instead of a few and now I
wanted to add a more verbose warning for those that still haven't been
fixed because we're one year away from the tunable's scheduled removal.
If you're going to reply with a concern about the stack trace again,
please see my patch I posted for Linus if the kernel log parsers are
really that delicate.

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