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SubjectRe: ARM promising platform, needs to learn from PC.
At some point, in a random thread, a highly respected but very
depressed ARM linux kernel developer wrote:

> What's the way out of this? I've no idea. Can ARM continue being part
> of the mainline kernel? I've no idea. Will we be ripping out all the
> ARM platform code from the mainline kernel? I've no idea.

> I am now completely demotivated.

dear russell,

the purpose of the proposed "selfish is out, collaboration is in"
patch rule is ultimately to allow you to feel that what you're doing
is actually encouraging people to cooperate and help each other - the
complete opposite of the present situation.

right now, you're being massively taken advantage of. not by your
peers, but by pathological cancerous Corporations who expect you to
clean up their mess and do unpaid work for them, so that they can make
absolute maximum profits.

i'd say you were absolutely within perfectly reasonable rights to tell
everyone to f*** off until there is a solution, and the only puzzling
question i have to ask is why in god's name have you tolerated things
for so long?? :)

can i therefore respectfully ask for your thoughts on the proposed
rule (and in particular, on the examples which help clarify matters)?
is it pure bullshit, or what?

warm regards,


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