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SubjectSubject: [PATCH 00/91] pending uml patches

My apologies for mailbomb from hell. *All* this stuff is available in
git:// #master,
but since uml folks had been stuck with mail and patch for a long time...

Anyway, most of the stuff in this pile is merging, cleaning and mutilating
subarchitecture-related code in arch/um. By the end of it we have x86
bits largely merged between 32bit and 64bit variants and taken to arch/x86/um;
headers seriously cleaned up and mostly free of x86-isms now (not completely -
we still have page size dependencies in there).

Beginning of the series are pure build and driver fixes; those should go to
Linus before 3.1-final, IMO.

As far as I know, there's no regressions introduced by that pile; testing
and comments would be, of course, welcome.

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