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SubjectRe: Suppressing a plus from setlocalversion
On Aug 15 Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Quoting David Rientjes <>:
> > On Mon, 15 Aug 2011, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> >
> >> Hello!
> >>
> >> There is one annoyance in the build system that I cannot work around.
> >
> > That's surprising since you actually state the workaround, i.e. using
> > LOCALVERSION= with make, yourself.
> OK, I don't consider that an acceptable solution, as it could
> interfere with other build systems.
> However, as soon as I posted this message, I found a better solution,
> namely setting LOCALVERSION= in the environment (both for the normal
> user and for root). This is less likely to have unexpected effects,
> since the environment variables don't override the variables
> explicitly set in makefiles.

Having this globally as an environment variable seems to be a more
intrusive alternative; there are no namespaces.

You can wrap the make command lines that you often use into shell
aliases. I often use command lines like 'nice make -j8' or
'nice make -j8 C=1 CF="-D__CHECK_ENDIAN__"' by alias.

> > Yes, because the kernel you've produced is no longer 3.1.0-rc2, it is
> > modified. If you want to do something else locally, then you can always
> >
> > The + was added to stop falsely identifying kernels as a specific version
> > when they are modified by default. Sorry if you forget to override it
> > sometimes.

I for one am glad that I don't have to remember to force a localversion
all the time. All of the kernels that I runtime-test have their source
managed by quilt, not git. Thankfully, scripts/setlocalversion
acknowledges that quilt users know what they are doing. :-)
Stefan Richter
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