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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/8] staging: vme: add functions for bridge module refcounting
    Hey Emilio,

    > This works as long as all devices are tied to the driver
    > loading; i.e. when the devices can only be removed when the
    > driver is removed. A device might go away while the driver
    > still manages other devices of the same kin; this is why
    > particular drivers explicitly manage the get/put in
    > .probe/.release.

    I have still left the exports for the refcounting functions
    intact so border case drivers are free to use these explicitly
    (albeit on top of the automatic refcounting in .probe and

    > In vme we may one day have hotplug (VME64x supports it IIRC),
    > but we're not quite there yet. One can remove devices from
    > sysfs anytime though.

    Won't this event trigger the .remove function? If it does, it
    shouldn't be a problem.

    > I still think the original patch is the sane way to go.

    I think this approach is a good middle ground between both
    arguments. If we really run into major issues with this
    (which I somewhat doubt will happen), we can always fix
    things up. It's not immutable!



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