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Subject[PATCH V2 00/20] dmaengine/amba-pl08x updates
Hi Linus,

This patchset contains patches for ARM's pl08x DMA controller driver.
Main changes introduced by this patchset are:
- Formatting fixes
- Logical Fixes
- Support for Peripheral as flow controller
- Support for sg_len to be greater than 1 for slave transfers
- Schedule tasklet for error interrupts
- remove pl08x_pre_boundary() routine
- support for runtime PM
- etc

This patchset is tested on SPEAr600 for following tests:
- memory to memory copy (using drivers/dma/dmatest, upto 16 threads per channel)
- peripheral to memory and vice versa (Peripheral: JPEG)

This was rebased on Vinod's slave-dma.git/next, over following patch:

commit 1ae105aa7416087f2920c35c3cd16831d0d09c9c
Merge: 02f8c6a 5a42fb9
Author: Vinod Koul <>
Date: Wed Jul 27 20:43:21 2011 +0530

Merge branch 'next' into for-linus-3.0

Changes Since V1:
- Dropped many formatting fixes which were added earlier, as they made things
look even bad.
- Fixed tabbing issues in PATCH "Add prep_single_byte_llis() routine"
- Many comments are updated throughout the patchset.
- Fixed interrupt handler to report spurious interrupt for channels which are
not used.
- Clk enabling/disabling done via runtime PM
- Complete mask of flow controller is not passed from platform data now,
direction is decided at runtime.
- pl08x_free_txd() called with locks.
- Two new patches are added:
- Rearrange inclusion of header files in ascending order
- pass (*ptr) to sizeof() instead of (struct xyz)

Hope i haven't missed any review comments.

Viresh Kumar (20):
ARM: asm/pl080.h: Protect against multiple inclusion of header file
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Resolve formatting issues
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Rearrange inclusion of header files in
ascending order
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: pass (*ptr) to sizeof() instead of (struct xyz)
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Complete doc comment for struct pl08x_txd
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Remove redundant comment and rewrite original
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Changing few prints to dev_dbg from dev_info
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: support runtime PM
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Simplify pl08x_ensure_on()
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: No need to check "ch->signal < 0"
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Schedule tasklet in case of error interrupt
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Get rid of pl08x_pre_boundary()
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: max_bytes_per_lli is TRANSFER_SIZE * src_width
(not MIN(width))
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Add prep_single_byte_llis() routine
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Align lli_len to max(src.width, dst.width)
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Choose peripheral bus as master bus
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Pass flow controller information with slave
channel data
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Add support for sg len greater than one for
slave transfers
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Check txd->llis_va before freeing dma_pool
dmaengine/amba-pl08x: Call pl08x_free_txd() instead of calling
kfree() directly

arch/arm/include/asm/hardware/pl080.h | 4 +
drivers/dma/amba-pl08x.c | 623 ++++++++++++++++-----------------
include/linux/amba/pl08x.h | 30 ++-
3 files changed, 332 insertions(+), 325 deletions(-)


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