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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH]vhost-blk: In-kernel accelerator for virtio block device
    On 07/30/2011 02:12 AM, Badari Pulavarty wrote:
    > Hi Liu Yuan,
    > I am glad to see that you started looking at vhost-blk. I did an
    > attempt year ago to improve block
    > performance using vhost-blk approach.
    > I will take a closer look at your patchset to find differences and
    > similarities.
    > - I focused on using vfs interfaces in the kernel, so that I can use
    > it for file-backed devices.
    > Our use-case scenario is mostly file-backed images.
    vhost-blk's that uses Linux AIO also support file-backed images.
    Actually, I have run Guests both on raw partition and raw file images.

    > - In few cases, virtio-blk did outperform vhost-blk -- which was
    > counter intuitive - but
    > couldn't exactly nail down. why ?
    > - I had to implement my own threads for parellism. I see that you are
    > using aio infrastructure
    > to get around it.
    > - In our high scale performance testing, what we found is block-backed
    > device performance is
    > pretty close to bare-metal (91% of bare-metal). vhost-blk didn't add
    > any major benefits to it.
    > I am curious on your performance analysis & data on where you see the
    > gains and why ?
    Possibly bypass vfs-layer and translate sg lists from virtio buffer into
    BIOs would benefit the block-backed device. I'll give it a try later.

    > Hence I prioritized my work low :(
    > Now that you are interested in driving this, I am happy to work with
    > you and see what
    > vhost-blk brings to the tables. (even if helps us improve virtio-blk).
    > Thanks,
    > Badari

    That's great.


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