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    Subject[patch 00/17] CFS Bandwidth Control v7.1
    Hi all,

    Please find attached an incremental revision on v7 of bandwidth control.

    The only real functional change is an improvement to update shares only as we
    leave a throttled state. The remainder is largely refactoring, expansion of
    comments, and code clean-up.

    Hidetoshi Seto and Hu Tao have been kind enough to run performance benchmarks
    against v7 measuring the scheduling path overheads versus pipe-test-100k.
    Results can be found at:

    The summary results (from Hu Tao's most recent run) are:
    cycles instructions branches
    base 7,526,317,497 8,666,579,347 1,771,078,445
    +patch, cgroup not enabled 7,610,354,447 (1.12%) 8,569,448,982 (-1.12%) 1,751,675,193 (-0.11%)
    +patch, 10000000000/1000(quota/period) 7,856,873,327 (4.39%) 8,822,227,540 (1.80%) 1,801,766,182 (1.73%)
    +patch, 10000000000/10000(quota/period) 7,797,711,600 (3.61%) 8,754,747,746 (1.02%) 1,788,316,969 (0.97%)
    +patch, 10000000000/100000(quota/period) 7,777,784,384 (3.34%) 8,744,979,688 (0.90%) 1,786,319,566 (0.86%)
    +patch, 10000000000/1000000(quota/period) 7,802,382,802 (3.67%) 8,755,638,235 (1.03%) 1,788,601,070 (0.99%)

    Thanks again for running these benchmarks!


    - We now only explicitly update entity shares as their hierarchy leaves a
    throttled state. This simplifies shares interactions as all tg->shares
    logic can now be omitted within a throttled hierarchy. This should also
    improve the quality of balance observed within Kamalesh's nested cgroup test
    as we are able to do a bottom-up shares update on unthrottle.
    - do_sched_cfs_period_timer() refactored to be linear/readable.
    - We now force a period timer restart in tg_set_cfs_bandwidth (before a
    dramatic decrease in the period length could have induced a period of
    starvation while we waited for the previous timer to expire). Also avoid a
    spurious start/restart that existed in the quota == RUNTIME_INF case.
    - The above removes the case of bandwidth changing within the period timer
    which helps with the do_sched_cfs_period_timer() clean-up.
    - Fixed potential cfs_b lock nesting on __start_cfs_bandwidth() (In the case
    that we are racing with call-back startup and not tear-down).
    - The load-balancer checks to ensure that we are not moving tasks between
    throttled hierarchies have been refactored and now check both the src and
    dest cfs_rqs.
    - Buddy isolation cleaned up and moved to its own patch.
    - Enabling of throttling deferred later within the series so that
    load-balancer and buddy protections exist (for stability in bisection).
    - Documentation given a once-over for clarity and content.
    - General code cleanup & comments improved

    Hidetoshi, the following patchsets have changed enough to necessitate tweaking
    of your Reviewed-by:
    [patch 09/18] sched: add support for unthrottling group entities (extensive)
    [patch 11/18] sched: prevent interactions with throttled entities (update_cfs_shares)
    [patch 12/18] sched: prevent buddy interactions with throttled entities (new)

    Previous postings:
    v5: /22/477
    Original posting:
    Prior approaches: ["CFS Hard limits v5"]


    - Paul

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