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    SubjectRe: Linux 3.0: broken ums_eneub6250
    Hi Huajun,

    Huajun Li schrieb:
    > Hi Dunlap and all, The root cause may be the firmware of ENE card
    > reader is not integrated yet. You known, after the codes merged from
    > staging/keucr into usb-storage, its HEX formated firmware codes were
    > removed, and they should go to firmware tree.
    > Currently, toke efforts to get these firmware
    > license and pushed the patch to, I thinks the
    > patch is pending now.
    > Yes, the perfect way to fix the issue is waiting the firmware patch
    > applied soon, but to make your card work at once, I think you could
    > get a copy of the firmware patch from :)

    What's the name of the firmware file? I think, there is a repository
    somewhere, where I could just get it? Any hints?


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