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Subjectpower: bq20z75: problem with optional battery detect gpio feature
Is the in-object feature really optional?
If battery_detect field in my bq20z75_platform_data structure is not
explicitly set, I suspect the driver ends up requesting an irq for the
GPIO number 0. This look indesirable.

Here is the relevant code snip form bq20z75_probe():

if (pdata) {
bq20z75_device->gpio_detect =
gpio_is_valid(pdata->battery_detect); // GPIO 0 _IS_ a valid gpio !!
bq20z75_device->pdata = pdata;


if (!bq20z75_device->gpio_detect)
goto skip_gpio;


irq = gpio_to_irq(pdata->battery_detect);


rc = request_irq(irq, bq20z75_irq,
dev_name(&client->dev), &bq20z75_device->power_supply);

I cannot find in gpio related headers any sort of "GPIO_INVALID"
symbol to explicitly declare that I don't want this feature. I'm
temporarily setting it to ARCH_NR_GPIOS but I believe we need to
disambiguate GPIO number 0 from "disable feature".


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