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    SubjectIP forwarding regression since 3.0-rc6

    Since 3.0-rc6 I see that my Linux router is losing packets. I can see
    them tracing the internal interface, but I don’t see them on the external
    interface. I can reproduce the problem while using tin with At the startup when tin checks every newsgroup from
    the server, many packets are suddenly not routed anymore but are dropped,
    so tin hangs until it quits with a NNTP error.
    All kernels until 3.0-rc5 are working.

    - 2x Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit
    Ethernet controller

    - Debian Testing, 64bit, with Xen 4.1.0

    Dom0 (Debian Testing, 64bit) is my working system. The two NICs have each
    their own bridge interface. One bridge interface (A) has an internal IP
    address (IPv4 and IPv6) of my internal network. The other bridge (B)
    doesn’t have a IP address in Dom0. The DomU is connected to the two
    DomU (Debian Testing, 64bit) is my iptables firewall system with Bind,
    Squid, and other services. The interface connected to bridge A has an
    internal IP addresses (gateway for my internal network). The interface
    connected to bridge B is used for PPPoE (the NIC is directly connected to
    my DSL modem).

    Dom0 has had all kernel versions from 3.0-rcX and is running 3.0 at the
    DomU has had the same kernel versions but is running 3.0-rc5 at the
    moment because of the network problems in newer kernels.

    Long problem description:
    From Dom0 I use tin to read different newsserver. One of them is The first time after DomU switched kernel to -rc6
    I started tin (connecting to the mentioned news server) and tin hung
    while reading groups from the newsrc and stopped with a NNTP connection
    Since the problem didn’t vanish, I wrote a mail to the support team of
    the news server. They told me that I was the only one with a connection
    problem and asked me to try the connection from another client. I tried
    it from my vServer, and it worked. So the problem had to be in my setup.

    I traced in Dom0 (bridge A), DomU (bridge A) und DomU (ppp0) and noticed
    that all packets generated in Dom0 were visible in DomU bridge A. But not
    all of the packets were visisble at the ppp0 interface. So my DomU was
    dropping packets and the connection between tin in Dom0 and the news
    server failed.

    So I tried older kernels and noticed that 3.0-rc5 in DomU was working,
    but rc6 and newer were not. The kernel configuration was the same for all
    3.0 kernels.

    Since I don’t know which maintainer I should contact with my problem,
    I’ll write directly to lkml.

    Thanks for your help.

    Shade and sweet water!


    PS: Please CC me, because I’m not subscribed.

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