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SubjectRe: [Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH v6] xen pci backend driver.
> > Jesse,
> >
> > Xen has a drivers/xen directory. In the past we have put some of the
> > "backends" in there, such as the SWIOTLB one. Perhaps some of it (or all?)
> > of this driver should go in there? If you are OK with this I can do it
> > that way and start chasing folks to review this driver?
> Yeah, I'm fine with that. Each arch typically has a chunk of PCI code
> under arch/ anyway (some more than others), so doing it that way is ok
> with me.
> > > Figuring out some way to preserve the git history is probably a good
> > > idea, assuming it's not too much of a mess. If it is, a more
> >
> > I tried to keep it clean.. Most of the stuff is from me thought so I might
> > as well just squash it in one.
> Yeah that's up to you; presumably you just want to preserve the useful
> parts of the history, or maybe just make the initial changelog big
> enough to include all the important bits you've learned over the
> years. :)

Hey Jesse,

I reposted it (fixed a bug, added a feature, and moved them to drivers/xen)

And I've coalesced the git history a bit to clump all the cleanpatch, incremental
features, etc in one big piece. Made it from 50 down to 18 patches. They are

git:// devel/xen-pciback-0.6.2

What are your thoughts about it?

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