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    SubjectRe: large initramfs causes h/w reset after decompressing
    > > But excuse my ignorance, I don't see the relevance of your
    > > question...the initramfs is part of the kernel itself...I simply
    > > load the kernel bzImage (all 890 MB) and that's where its all
    > > at...this is _not_ an initrd.
    > Ah, interesting. You didn't say that. That does change some
    > things... I would not at all be surprised if the kernel decompressor
    > doesn't handle that very well...

    Sorry, I thought initramfs would be clear on its own that its not
    initrd, but I guess some people do use it interchangeably. Anyway, I
    have some experience in programming, so is there anything you could
    suggest that I might tweak to test your theory on the decompressor? Or
    would this be more of a kernel VM allocator issue? Also, would
    ramdisk_size have any bearing on this?


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