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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/10 v6] PM / Domains: Don't stop wakeup devices during system sleep transitions
On Fri, 1 Jul 2011, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

> So the only way forward I can see is to add a special PM domain callback,
> say .active_wakeup(), that will return "true" if the device is to be left
> active if wakeup-enabled. So the check you don't like will become
> something like:
> if (device_may_wakeup(dev) && genpd->active_wakeup
> && genpd->active_wakeup(dev))
> return 0;
> Would that be better?

Another option, less flexible but perhaps easier to use, would be to
set a couple of bitflags indicating whether the device needs power or
clocks to handle wakeup signals.

Alan Stern

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