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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] staging: et131x: et1310_address_map.h checkpatch fixes
> +union RXMAC_WOL_SA_LO_t {
> u32 value;
> struct {
> @@ -716,13 +716,13 @@ typedef union _RXMAC_WOL_SA_LO_t {
> u32 sa3:8; /* bits 24-31 */

Pleease don't do it this way. If you look at the code we've been
systematically working through the unions turning them into definitions
in comments and sometimes bitmasks because almost none of the bit field
stuff is useful in these things anyway. Removing the typedefs without
doing it just muddles up what has and hasn't been done.

In fact in many cases the .value bit is the only bit used

Please keep to that style of describing the bits and knocking out fields
where it doesn't make sense.

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